Key Responsibilities:

Help the business to demonstrate a clear and coherent strategy for delivering improved energy efficiencies for our customers

Identify customer requirements and contractual obligations and provide strategic and organisational direction to a team of energy specialists to ensure outputs are delivered to a high standard

Provide key account management skills for priority customers

Develop a plan to ensure growth and profitability in all contracts around energy

Understand the key contractual requirements which must be delivered across a range of contract forms in to minimise commercial and operational risks to the business

Manage energy services team to ensure safe and efficient working practices

Oversee FM energy contract and legislative compliance

Manage strategic energy customer relationships with MoJ and local Authorities

Essential Requirements:

Demonstrable experience in team management and contract/account management

Ability to identify and understand contractual requirements for managing energy and utilities within an FM environment

Experience of identifying and assessing energy and water efficiency options within a variety of buildings and preparing proposals and assessments for presentation to clients and customers

Have the ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people