Deafblind UK members have combined sight and hearing loss and many live alone with few family and friends around them.

Anthony lives alone in the Conwy region of North Wales and is unable to leave his home now due to a number of health conditions. He is hoping someone is available to make a call to him every week and have a chat. He says he is happy to talk about anything 'except religion and politics' and is an avid Aston Villa fan. He enjoys all sports and gardening and used to run two DIY shops in the past.

Making a regular call to one of our members could make a huge difference to their quality life. So many of them live alone and having the opportunity to build a new relationship and share stories and experiences can be of huge benefit to their wellbeing.

How can you help…

We are looking for a confident, chatty and friendly person who can hold a good conversation with Anthony over the phone. You could be chatting about similar interests or learning about each others lives. Whatever the conversation you’ll be making a positive difference.

Something as simple as phone call could brighten up our members’ week!

You don’t need to be local to the member and you don’t need experience to become one of our volunteers. You just need to be comfortable talking over the phone, engaging, able to instigate conversations and commit to regular calls.

Yes this is for me…..How do I apply?

Please click on the ‘Apply’ button and complete the short application form.

What is a Volunteer Telephone Befriender?

A Volunteer Telephone Befriender makes regular phone calls or emails to a Deafblind UK member and engages in conversations of mutual interest, offering support and friendship and reducing deafblind people’s isolation and improving their quality of life. Providing advice and guidance to our members as appropriate within a mutual friendship.

What’s involved?

As a Volunteer Telephone Befriender your role would be:

To establish and build a befriending relationship
To call/email an identified deafblind person at a mutually convenient time on a regular basis
To enable the deafblind person to discuss topics of their choice
To engage in conversations of mutual interest with a deafblind person and to provide encouragement to maintain the flow of conversation for the allotted time
To provide advice and guidance to a deafblind person to a level appropriate within a mutual friendship.
To provide regular updates of your volunteering activity to your named Deafblind UK contact to flag any concerns or queries.

What times do I need to commit to?

This role requires a regular commitment of time, usually weekly.

The role will suit people who …

Willing to share their own personal interests with member who have similar or the same interests
Willing to engage in conversations with deafblind people to share interests
Willing to learn communication and guiding techniques to meet the needs of the deafblind person / people (full training will be provided)
Who are aged 18 or over

What are the benefits to you?

Opportunities to meet like-minded people in your community
Be part of a friendly and dedicated team
The satisfaction of knowing you will be making a difference to real people’s lives
New communications skills
Establishing positive employability skills to help you in your career path

How do we support you?

We ensure all volunteers who join our team are well equipped to undertake any tasks and will provide training and supervision throughout your journey with us. Any specific training will be outlined within your onboarding and induction stages and then discussed at your reviews with your named lead contact.