Support people and make a real difference in your community by becoming a volunteer for KeyRing. We are looking for a number of Community Connections Volunteers for our South London networks - Southwark, Lambeth, Greenwich and Lewisham

About KeyRing Living Support Networks

KeyRing is all about listening to and working alongside people in their local communities so that they gain greater independence, improve their wellbeing and are part of a network of contacts and friends. KeyRing provides support for vulnerable people to live independently in their own homes, including housing brokerage and community inclusion. Our support includes structured tenancy related support; good neighbourly help; help with getting to know the community better; and the facilitation of meeting new friends and maintaining such relationships.

As a Community Connections Volunteer you could be

supporting Members in activities in the community and/or at a local community hub
helping to facilitate the weekly community hub for Members
offering advice and support to members in the Network to help them maintain their independence
offering reassurance and emotional support
Encouraging Members to help and support each other in solving problems and sharing their knowledge
Supporting Members to make connections in the local community
Connecting KeyRing with other organisations

This role needs a volunteer who:

can volunteer around 3 hours per week;
can offer support in a flexible and creative way when needed;
can support Members at a local community hub
can visit external organisations during working hours
understands and accepts that their services are offered as a volunteer not as a worker or employee.

How KeyRing will support you

You will have a Support Manager who will see you regularly to discuss your volunteering role, and who is available by phone during office hours.
We encourage volunteers to link up with other volunteers, which is a great way to share experience and gain support from people who are having similar experience to you.
We provide the training you need to carry out your volunteer activities
We reimburse any expenses you incur whilst you are volunteering.
We have a 24 hour helpline available.

Please read the role description for more information, or please contact us at or call us on 0203 119 0969.