Operation Business Manager

  • Croydon BME Forum
  • Croydon, UK
  • 05 Nov, 2021
Full Time Consultant

Job Description

The Operation Business Manager will work with the CEO to support the smooth running of the organisation and to support the leadership team to meet its strategic and operational performance targets.

As a Charity Operations Manager, you will be responsible for supporting the day-to-day operational management and functions of the charity, to ensure efficient practices are carried out in accordance with Croydon BME Forum's policies and procedure.

The Operations Business Manager will work with the Senior management team and CEO to implement key objects and monitor performance, you will also be expected to support the development of Croydon BME Forum's strategy plan.

The Operation Manager will help in the development of an effective organisational structure that will support the management and function of the organisation. You will monitor, write reports and make regular recommendations to the management team on organisational development and performance.

You will also manage and support staff, leading by example to ensure that targets are met and ensuring the continuity of delivery standards within the guidelines of our contracts, policies and procedures, and

You will manager and support a team of staff and be responsible for supporting the management of the Forum's day-to-day operating systems. You will be expected to help and support with general administration, facilities management and support human resources process. The post requires someone who is, hard working well organised and efficient, is used to dealing with a diverse workload.

Main responsibilities and key tasks:

Maintain operational performance and ensure that the Forum's target is met against contracts.
Work with the management team to develop and support the introduction of new models of working practice to improve performance.
Support and Work with the staff to ensure they meet their objectives, whilst developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders and community groups
Ensure the Forum and its staff are delivering the highest quality service to our stakeholders within the parameters of its contracts, policies and procedures.
Support the CEO in maintaining of high standards of delivery by the Forum with all stakeholders both internally and externally.
Work with the management team to ensure the highest standards of compliance in relation to best practice and good understanding of the law governing human resources, health and safety and safeguarding.
Monitor and liaise with staff to ensure implementation of projects are on track and to ensure expected outcome are met, and report to CEO.
Provide well written report on performance against objective /Projects for board meetings.
Provide supervision and management support to staff, motivating and inspiring them to achieve theirs and the Forum's objectives through clear communication and regular review.
Provide 1:1 meeting, appraisal and training to support their work and 1 meetings, appraisal and staff development to enable them to deliver their project.
Support the coordination of recruitment processes for staff and volunteer posts including the induction processes for new staff and volunteers.
Work as part of a management team to maintain a positive and consistent management culture within the organisation including working collaboratively to overcome operational challenges and improving internal systems.
Work closely with the management team to ensure the staff work as a team and support each other to meet agreed outcomes.
Provide effective line management to staff setting clear and achievable objectives and supporting their personal and professional development.
Build strong, empathic working relationships and communicate effectively with stakeholders internal and external to the Forum.
Develop effective communications systems with management and staff to ensure the organisation is aware of the work plan and agreed object to be met by the Operations Manager.
Assist the CEO and management team in developing a fund rising strategy and implementing and completing fundraising application.

Pleaae note; early applications are encouraged as they will be reviewed on a rolling basis